Patient Testimonials:

3/31/20 – Great staff- very informative at initial office visit about planned procedure. We felt very well cared for. Procedure and after care went so well. Have recommended you to family and friends. Thank you!”
Rebecca J.

3/23/20 – Great doctor, Great staff.”
Susan P.

3/17/20 – Lovely people here”
Elaine B.

3/12/20 – I’m a long time patient of Dr. Bouchoucha’s. I’ve had procedures from extractions to implants. All my experiences with Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff have been successful and comfortable not to mention very kind and concerned!”
Debbie L.

3/12/20 – Dr. Bouchoucha and all of his staff are incredibly comforting and welcoming. They put my nervous 10 year old son at ease and when we left the office after meeting the doctor for the first time my son said “I like that doctor”. Thank you Dr. Bouchoucha for taking a scary circumstance and turning it into the best possible case scenario”
Sarah B.

3/6/20 – I always end up laughing with your whole team. They are so positive and upbeat that I forget my worries”

2/25/20 – Was very impressed and comfortable with everything. Thank you.”
Alice S..

2/21/20 – Thank you all for your friendliness and professionalism”
Debra W.

2/4/20 – Everyone was wonderful”
Stephen C.

2/4/20 – Robert the assistant (chairside) was excellent, very personal and made you feel comfortable with your procedure.”
Barbara E.

1/29/20 – Michele was fantastic in relaying my need for pain control and getting medications ordered in a timely manner to my pharmacy. Holly was professional in explaining the waiting and seeing I was comfortable with the time.”

1/29/20 – Thank you for your kindness and painless surgery,  Dr. Slim, Robert and office staff, also Holly. I am having a speedy recovery. “

1/29/20 – I have been treated like royalty. Dr. Slim has magical hands. Staff is friendly, polite and professional, in particular the surgical team. We are so fortunate to have a Dr. and staff this talented in Sonora.”

1/23/20 – The doctor and Robert are a great team. They explained the procedure and it was very comforting to me as the patient.”
Mary Ann S.

1/30/20 – Thank you for your excellent care.”
Rodger O.

1/23/20 – The staff was so nice and performed excellent customer service. The doctor was very nice and explained everything in great detail. Answered all my questions.”
Haley J.

1/21/20 – Great personnel, wonderful staff, doctor is really generous. Wants to do everything correctly.

1/10/20 – The staff was very helpful through it all. It made a 4-tooth extraction easy to deal with.”
Ivan G.

1/8/20 – Sonora is fortunate to have Dr. Bouchoucha and his team of courteous professionals.”
Fritz P.

1/8/20 – The whole procedure from the extraction of my molar to the building up of the new pedestal and tooth has been a positive experience. No pain, very pleasant Dr. and staff. I want all my friends to go there. Thanks!”
Wendell B.

1/8/20 – I appreciated the staff’s care in putting me at ease (no one looks forward to dental surgery). I also appreciated the detailed explanations of the procedure and aftermath. I don’t know if I’m just lucky, but I escaped relatively pain free. All credit given to Dr. Slim and his skilled assistants. Thanks for tea bag tip Dr. Slim!”
Ann S.

1/7/20 – I have low tolerance pain level and with Slim Bouchoucha DDS and staff I managed to sail through the procedure!”
Darla W.

12/23/19 – This office visit (implant) was handled efficiently and smoothly. The procedure went great and painless. I so appreciate the staff and Dr. Bouchoucha.”

12/27/19 – Great Team!”

12/26/19 – You all were wonderful to Rosie. Thank you so much!.”

12/13/19 – Dr.Slim and his staff are off the scale, helpful, timely, courteous, and caring.”
Jeffrey H.

12/5/19- “Thank you so much for your patience and kindness in working with me to ease my anxiety. I also appreciate the quick access to Dr. Slim during my appointments and the professionalism of his staff.”

Christine H.

12/5/19- “Very professional staff, glad to have such good care in our community.”

Mark W.

11/20/19- “Dr. Slim and Robert were very comforting during the procedure, they helped me keep calm. Excellent patient care.”

Mary Ann S.

11/20/19- “Three of our four children (one still to go) have had their wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Bouchoucha. Both he  and his staff are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They made my children and myself comfortable with the procedure and healing process. Great job!”

Kendall G.

11/19/19- “The office staff is very friendly and easy to work with. Very professional and helpful too!”

Pam B.

11/18/19- “Dr. Slim you are a compassionate and caring person. Your staff is 5 stars. Thank you for everything.”

Brenda R.

11/18/19- “Everyone was so kind and professional throughout the entire process and I knew I was in good hands.”

Calista F.R.

11/11/19- “Dr. Slim, you are a very special Doc. I have never had a follow up call from a doctor in all my life. Your call was very helpful. Things got better after your call. Thanks.”

Tom D.

10/25/19- “The doctor and staff were excellent and were always concerned with my well being and health. Thank you.”

Richard M.

10/25/19- “Friendly, efficient, and thoroughly professional”

Eric J.

10/2/19- “One of my best experiences-thank you so much!”

Martha V.

10/2/19- “Everyone was so nice! I loved the warm blanket.”

Haylee W.

9/17/19- “No swelling, minimal bleeding, and no pain meds needed! I’m feeling great the day after! Thank you! Dr. Slim is the best!”

Ryan R.

9/17/19- “Slim and staff were amazing. Slim’s assistant during pre-op and post-op appointments was so informative and kind. Surgery staff made me feel at ease with their humor. Thanks guys!”


9/17/19- “Dr. Slim is outstanding. His work is excellent. His bedside manner is pleasant and soothing. He gives patients complete confidence in him, seeming to really care.”

Elizabeth F.

9/17/19- “Thank you so much for making my experience and procedure a great one! Everyone was so kind and could not have been any more wonderful. Dr. Bouchoucha is a great doctor and cares so much about his patients. So thank you!”

Taylor A.

9/1719- “Excellent care-no pain at all. Thanks”

Walter N.

9/6/19- “Your staff is amazing. I could not have felt more comfortable. Everyone is friendly. Everything is explained thoroughly. Thank you!”

Tami A.

9/4/19- “Dr. Bouchoucha and his team were awesome and professional in their care during my procedure. I highly recommend them! Thank you.” 

Steve M..

8/3/19- “If I had to lose a wisdom tooth, this is as good as it could be. Painless, fast recovery. I think Dr. Slim is the very best doctor I could have selected.” 

Tommy J.

8/22/19- “Between the skill of the medical and technical staff, plus the friendliness of the office staff… they make a potentially painful experience… fun!”


8/22/19- “Very kind and helpful staff. Overall it was top notch. Thank you all so much!” 

Laura C.

8/22/19- “What a team, the kindness, best of all pain free. I appreciate the call from Dr. Bouchoucha after I got home to check on me. Thank you. You all are great.” 

Arlene M.

8/8/19- “I am very impressed with the professional attitude of both Dr. Bouchoucha and his assistant. They are both extremely skilled and were at all times concerned with my well being. I thank them very much.” 

Charlie J.

8/8/19- “Dr. Bouchoucha and staff were amazing. I was treated for a severe infection, had surgery which was successful and follow up was not just one appointment, but multiple until he knew I was healed. Thank you so much.” 

Audie A.

8/8/19- “Very happy with this oral facility. Will keep in mind if or when we need more extractions. Thank you!” 


8/8/19- “The surgery staff did an amazing job to make me feel calm and comfortable with the procedure.” 

Bethany M.

7/20/19- “The entire staff is very friendly, courteous, helpful, professional, and caring. I had a good experience, and excellent results so far. ” 


7/29/19- “Thanks for taking great care of me!.” 

Jaclyn L.

7/19/19- “Gave very clear pre-op and post-op instructions. From start to finish, everyone was very professional and did their best to put me at ease. I hope I don’t need anymore extractions, but if I do, I’ll be back.” 


7/15/19- “My husband Nathan and I have both had surgery with Dr. Bouchoucha. He is a very kind man and an excellent oral surgeon.” 

Georgia S.

7/12/19- “Everyone was so professional and cared for me wonderfully. Thank you.” 

Judy P.

7/9/19- “I felt very well cared for on my day of surgery. Robert was very attentive during the prep and Dr. Slim was very calm, quick and professional” 

Jennifer S.

7/8/19- “You guys were the greatest!” 

Ernest N.

6/14/19- “The whole experience was smooth and easy. Thank you!” 

Christine D.

6/7/19- “From the receptionist, financial people, the surgical assistants, and Dr. B., I am treated like a person- not just a tooth #! I always feel comfortable in their hands.” 

Jodi G.

5/22/19- “Everyone was extremely kind and gracious. Dr. Bouchoucha, you really helped me relax and be comfortable. Many thanks!” 


5/16/19- “Very comfortable setting, polite and caring.” 

Alexis E.

5/13/19- “Marisa was a very good assistant to Dr. Slim during my tooth extraction as well as explaining post-op info to me.” 


5/8/19- “Thanks so much-I was nervous, but all of you were great!” 

Barbara R.

4/29/19- “I had a great experience with your office and staff. I was at ease.  That is unusual for me at a dentist office. Thanks everyone!” 

Tracy P.

4/24/19- “Dr. Bouchoucha was very skilled and professional. He did an excellent job. I would recommend him to others. Robert was very good at getting me prepared and relaxed. The office staff was great. Overall grade A+” 

Jon M.

4/16/19- “Thank you for making the situation comfortable and as easy as could be” 

Jacqueline S..

4/5/19- “Excellent care-great staff-very professional. I would definitely recommend!” 

John C..

4/8/19- “The doctor and staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and safe.” 

Diana C.

4/3/19- “Outstanding clinical and administrative services. Staff is kind and courteous. Dr. Bouchoucha is highly skilled and gentle.” 

Davina L.

4/3/19- “You have a very nice and professional office. The people who work in your business are very caring and strong in their expertise.” 

Kimberly W.

3/28/19- “Keep up the great job!! We have full trust with Dr. Bouchoucha’s treatments. Our compliments to all of your team members. Awesome job.” 


3/19/19- “Exceptional! I have been here for various treatments. This time as well as the others, the kindness, gentleness, professional office and staff is wonderful, like none other. The treatment was executed with such skill and knowledge. Trust is the word.”

LInda S.

3/8/19- “The experience at Sonora Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery rates a “10”. The professional staff, efficiency, and follow-up by Dr. Bouchoucha was very much appreciated.”


2/22/19- “Everyone in your organization is cheerful, friendly, and helpful. Even though I was very nervous about the implant, they put me at ease and made me comfortable. Thank you Dr. Slim, Marisa, and Robert. You are wonderful!!”


2/12/19- “From walking in the door, to receptionist, to going over procedure being done with Doctor Slim, to knowing cost, to day of surgery, to a phone call from Dr. to see if I was ok, to nice card from staff…. Class Act by all means. Thank you.”

Rodney O.

2/11/19- “Very understanding to my needs. All work done in one visit. Dr. Slim was first person to listen to me and my wants. Best care and treatment I have ever gotten.”

Chris P.

2/3/19- “Extremely professional experience. Great surgical team. Much understanding and compassion. ”

William G.

2/6/19- “The staff is so kind, professional, and personal. They truly make you feel relaxed. Dr. Bouchoucha is a compassionate gentle oral surgeon. I felt very safe with my procedure. Dr. and staff truly do care for their patients. ”

Erin D.

1/22/19- “You are a very caring team. Made me feel very special. I thank all of you for your wonderful service”

Gloria P.

1/15/19- “Dr. Bouchoucha and staff warm, friendly, and professional from start to finish!”

Michele P.

11/16/18- “Excellent!”

Mark. D.

11/9/18- “5+ Great staff. Such patience with all my questions and phone calls. Excellent!!”

Maxine O.

11/2/18- “Dr. and staff extremely nice, went the extra mile. We appreciated that DR. called to check on Mel the evening of the extraction and offered alternatives for pain control.”

Diane P.

10/26/18- “Thank you for a quick and smooth procedure! “

Kristin C.

10/23/18- “Staff was very professional, cordial, and courteous. They made my treatment as pleasant as possible. Thank you. “

Gregory R.

09/6/18- “This office was amazing to work with, from the initial phone call of making the appointment to the assistance of walking Abby to the car after the procedure. This office staff was friendly and professional, and the facility was super CLEAN!!!”

Amy S.

08/24/18- “Everyone was very nice, helpful, and welcoming! Thank you! “

Delaney S.

08/24/18- “You guys did an awesome job! My teeth feel amazing!”

Kyle G.

08/20/18- “We don’t usually want to give top numbers but really we couldn’t see where you could improve on anything. Great job!!! No pain. “

Charles B.

08/20/18- “I felt confident I was in good hands. I am very fearful of any type of dental work although staff listened to my concerns and everything went smoothly start to finish. “

Margaret W.

08/20/18- Wonderful staff and Doctor. Great experience! “

Misty M.

08/20/18- “Especially appreciated the post-surgery call from the doctor to check up on me! “

Rich S.

08/14/18- “Very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Bouchoucha has an excellent bedside manner and so does his staff. “

Robyn M.

07/27/18- “I would highly refer your practice to others. You have a great team. “

Paula R.

07/24/18- “Very happy with the standard of care, and very impressed with the detailed post-surgery instruction handouts which are extremely helpful. Dr. B and staff were all very helpful and friendly.”

Michela V.

07/18/18- “Very accommodating and professional.”

Brenda M.

07/05/18- “I was very pleased with the service I received from your office. Your facility is well equipped and clean and everyone there was wonderful. They turned a stressful time into a good experience.”

Judy G. F.

06/20/18- “I am a big chicken for dental work but the staff helped ease my anxieties. Thank you.”

Mary K.

05/23/18- “The “thank you” card was a real plus with comments/stickers/and Day-O gift card. Even the older kids like the special treatment!”

John R.

0518/18- “I thought you guys did a great job. You were both efficient and friendly.”

Joshua B.

05/15/18- “Highly recommend. Fantastic staff! Procedure was flawless. Listened to my concerns, understood my apprehension, anxiety and fears, and made me very comfortable. No hesitation if need to return.”

Kathleeen E.

05/21/18- “Dr. Slim and assistants are all very professional and impressive!!”

Richard R.

05/16/18- “Very Professional and caring!”

Nanci S.

05/4/18- “Very nice staff “

T. Stewart

05/4/18- “Everybody was kind and helpful. Thanks for answering all my many questions. Special thanks to Robert for being so nice.”


04/25/18- “The card was sweet. When I got home from my procedure I read it. It made me smile. “

Joanna O.

04/2518- “Very pleasant staff! Everything was great. I highly recommend Dr. Slim Bouchoucha. “

Johnny P.

04/17/18- “I have, in the past, had a lot of pain, bloating, and nausea ( from the anesthesia) The pain management and nausea were spot on… Thank you! I followed the post-op instructions and there were no complications from the surgery and bone grafting. “

Christine H.

4/17/18 “Thank you for your professional services. Your whole team was courteous, helpful… I was very nervous and they helped calm me down for the procedure. Also, appreciated the follow up phone call, post-op, to check in and see how I was doing.”

Christine H.

04/17/18- “The thank you note from staff was quite touching. The follow-up call from Dr. Bouchoucha was a surprise and very much appreciated! Thank you to all. “


04/11/18- “I really appreciate how kind and positive you and your staff was.”

Lorraine S.

04/6/18- “Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff are very helpful, kind, and professional. They are patient and answer all  questions. I really appreciate how Dr. Bouchoucha calls the evening of the procedure to check on his patients. Thank you for the excellent service and excellent care.”

Jessica W.

03/28/18- “Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff are very kind, considerate, and caring. They all showed genuine concern for me and took time to help alleviate my fears and concerns.”

Vicki R.

03/21/18- “Stress free surgery. Thank you.”

Gary P.

03/19/18- “I felt so comfortable and well cared for. It’s been a long time since I felt that way. Doctor was so sweet.”


03/15/18- “Love Dr. Slim, great explanations, great work. Painless!! “

Marcie F.

03/14/18- “As I said upon leaving the operation, I’m sure glad I chose to use this service. PS: After only 8 hours, I have no  pain and little bleeding. I used only 1 hydrocodone. Thank you. “

Lee G.

03/12/18- “Exceptionally friendly staff and other personnel. Very informative doctor and assistants and an excellent, complication-free surgery.”

Michael S.

03/2/18- “We are very pleased with our experience”

Christina L.

02/9/18- Thank you Dr.Bouchoucha and team for a smooth procedure. I felt safe and confident in your care.”

Madilyn B.

02/9/18- “I couldn’t be more satisfied with the thorough preparation for the surgical procedure. The experience was very positive. Dr. Bouchoucha and his team were exceptional.”

Lynn Q.

01/31/18- “Everything was wonderful. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I love Slim, he actually cares about his patients. “

Bryanna C.

01/19/18- “Will highly recommend people to use this office. Very pleasant staff and doctor. “

Elizabeth M.

12/29/17- “I really trust this establishment with my children. They have seen both my son and daughter and have done wonderful work. Thank you.”

Leah H.

12/22/17- “Staff very friendly, kind, and accommodating. Gave full instructions of care before and after. Dr. Bouchoucha is great! Got my daughter in super fast for oral surgery.”

Faythe T.

12/20/17- “Office staff was very friendly and answered all my questions completely. Grace was treated with great care!”

Pamela B.

12/11/17- “Every one of your staff was very accommodating and professional. I was made to feel very comfortable..”


12/6/17- “Dr. B, every staff member from the front office to the surgical suite was kind, professional, and caring. Thank you for the excellent care and experience! Dr. B. is wonderful!.”


12/6/17- “Staff is wonderful and Dr. Bouchoucha is amazing! I was in great hands here!!!.”

Suzie G.

12/6/17- “I’m a nervous wreck. This office, from the time I walked in to after my surgery, eased my anxiety! Very clean,professional, amazing team. I’d go nowhere else. Dr. even called me on the weekend and took time for me before I was an actual patient. Amazing team! Amazing Doctor!”

Tracie S.

12/6/17- “Dr. Bouchoucha, you are such a warm and caring gentle man! I loved your compassion and understanding ways. You and your staff were above excellent. I just went home and expressed this to my family. I just can’t say enough about what a great experience I had at your office. Both visits were A+ in my book. I will spread the word. You’re just what people need when they feel their worst. To bring me in as quickly as you did , I was so impressed and even more relieved. You made a new friend Dr. Bouchoucha. Thanks for caring so much and calling me to check on me, especially after your long day at work. You’re the best!”

Tomara L.

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12/1/17- “Very professional, but also very friendly, kind, nice people. Great Doctor and staff!.”

JoAnne M.

11/21/17- “Everyone was so warm and comforting.”


11/17/17- “I appreciated the written directions with photos and detailed and clear explanations. Thank you for the follow up phone call.”

Margie C.

10/27/17- “Doctor Slim and Marisa were outstanding. The entire staff is friendly and helpful! The thank you card was a pleasant surprise, I never experienced that before. Thank you.”

Robert S.

10/23/17- “I came into this appointment so nervous but everybody was so kind and treated me like family. Will definitely be returning for any other procedures.”

Rachael B.

10/11/17- “Staff were very friendly and informative. Staff make you feel comfortable and willing to go step by step over surgery procedures. “

Jimmy H.

10/11/17- “I was very nervous and anxious to have my wisdom teeth pulled but my assistant was so sweet and she made me feel very calm and welcome. The whole procedure went very well and Dr. Bouchoucha was so kind and gentle. Thank you! “

Brittany W.

9/29/17- “Very friendly staff, we felt taken care of and comfortable before, during, and after procedure. Full knowledge by employees. Thank you!! “

Tara G.

9/22/17- “Everyone in this office is professional, caring, courteous, kind, and patient. We are grateful to have an oral surgeon of such high caliber here in our small town. “


9/8/17- “Thank you so much for taking care of me. “

James C.

8/25/17- “Thank you for your sweet “thank you” card. A nice touch!”

Margaret W.

8/15/17- “Professional team, great customer service. Explanation about the treatment was thorough and precise. We knew what to expect. All went as planned. “

Amy B.

8/10/17- “I have 2 older kids who had wisdom teeth extracted by a surgeon in Modesto. Those experiences set the bar very high, although I was unhappy with the distance. I am pleased to say our experience with Dr. Bouchoucha’s office exceeded my expectations. The level of professionalism is top notch, as well as the personal touch. Five stars. “

Kathy S.

8/10/17- “I could not have asked for a more caring, informative, delightful, gentle, magnificent, beautiful staff. Very caring people.”

Deborah T.

8/8/17- “Having dental work done is never an experience one looks forward to, but when necessary it is good to have the kind of experience provided here.”


8/7/17- “Excellent work with very little discomfort. A calming and reassuring staff with a superb doctor-surgeon.”

George L.

8/7/17- “Great friendly staff! Surgery went better than expected. I had very little pain afterward.”

Daniel W.

8/7/17- “My experience from start until now… has been a great experience. You have a very professional, but friendly staff. They make you feel comfortable, laugh, and feel that they are knowledgeable in all areas. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Terry H.

731/17- “Best place I’ve been to for any kind of care in Tuolumne County. “

Kelleen M.

7/21/17- “The entire office team was outstanding, from initial appointment, x-rays/exam,surgery, and post-op! Thank you for the extra care and safety precautions to escort my mother to the car. Dr. Bouchoucha’s personal kindness and attention in getting my mother from post-op to the car was much appreciated. Great teamwork!!”

Beverly G..

7/17/17- “The staff made me very comfortable”

William K..

7/7/17- “I really appreciated the follow up call from Slim!”

-James T.

7/7/17- “I am very nervous when I go to the DDS. This team helped so much to make it better.”

-Sharon J.

7/7/17- “You were all very comforting, reassuring, and well trained. I was nervous and you Dr. Bouchoucha were so very calming. Thank you for a safe, painless extraction.”

-Sylvia B.

7/7/17- “Very pleased with the whole process. Everyone was very professional. Thank you again.”

-Dennis M.

6/23/17- “Great Experience!”

-Allyson L.

6/22/17- “Thank you so much for being so sensitive and attentive to Kat’s emotional state after the procedure.”

-Kat F.

6/16/17- “Doctor and nurses were so warm and kind. They made me feel comfortable and secure by talking about those things familiar to me (i.e. Jurassic Park and Disneyland).”

-Brittany H.

6/7/17- “I would highly recommend this office and staff to anyone seeking oral surgery. I was very impressed by the professionalism and caring attitude of Dr. Bouchoucha and the staff. I knew I was in good hands. They made my experience as comfortable as possible.”

-Jane W.

6/6/17- “I was very impressed by the kindness and professionalism of each staff member as well as the thoroughness of Dr. Bouchoucha’s follow-up.”

-Luke M.

5/23/17- “The staff is professional and very caring. I was made to feel safe and comfortable. Staff was very responsive to my needs.”


5/18/17- “I was apprehensive because of previous bad surgical experiences. Doctor Bouchoucha and staff were wonderful and experience was totally painless. I would recommend them completely.”

-Richard J.

5/15/17- “I was very impressed with the doctor and the office staff. The office staff makes or breaks the doctor. These girls are excellent. Special thank you to Charlotte for helping ease my anxiety. I have nothing but good things to say about this office.”

-Merrily W.

5/13/17- “Dr. Slim was very kind and comforting.”

-Carly M.

5/12/17- “Your office is amazing.  The reception, financial, and assistants are amazing.  Dr. Bouchoucha is so thorough, attentive, gentle, and just completely puts you at ease.  He has removed my husband’s and two daughters wisdom teeth as well as performing my arthocentesis. We have absolutely no complaints.  Unless Dr. Bouchoucha retires, we will not go to any other oral surgeon!  You are all completely amazing!!!  “

-Sabrina S.

5/3/17- “Awesome experience!  The entire staff made me feel comfortable and at ease.


4/21/17- “Dr. Bouchoucha is an excellent oral surgeon.  The staff and assistants provide excellent care.

-Sandra P.

4/21/17- “Thank you for taking such good care of my girl!

-Michele H.

4/7/17- “You have a top-notch office!  Friendly, professional, and accommodating staff.  Dr. Bouchoucha is kind, gentle, and thoroughly explained my treatment needs.  I have complete confidence in his surgical skills and abilities.  I am very satisfied with the procedure he performed (all four wisdom teeth removal.)  Thank you for your excellent care! Grade= A+

-Megan J.

3/31/17- “You guys did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and ready.  I was very nervous in the beginning and have put this off, and it was done effortless and painless in the end.  Thank you.

-Dillon S.

3/23/17- “I love this doctor, he was very understanding since I have “no” trust in doctors, but he is helping restore my trust.

-Sandy P.

3/20/17- “I was terrified and the girls and Dr. Slim were so understanding and helpful.  Thanks.”

-Devon B.

 3/2/17- “I was so anxious, as it had been 20 years since last wisdom tooth removal.  Dr. and staff were so understanding, patient and kind.  They accommodated my every need and concern.  Highly recommended!”

-Monica M.

 2/28/17- “Dr. Bouchoucha is very kind, gentle and knowledgeable re: implant dentistry.  I trusted him.”

-Pamela M.

 2/23/17- “Everyone was very nice.”

-Donald D.

 2/20/17- “Excellent Service.”

-Jean T.

 2/20/17- “Superior services delivered with kindness.   Staff are attentive and thoughtful.  Dr. Slim is a great oral surgeon and a fabulous person.”

-Sandra C.

 2/17/17- “Thank you for your excellent care!”

-Edward H.

 2/1/17- “I was understandably somewhat concerned about having dental surgery.  Dr. Bouchoucha and all of the people who attended to me at the time were so professional, competent, confident, concerned, solicitous, and sensitive to me that it all went very smoothly.  The outcome has also been great from a dental standpoint.   I am grateful for everyone’s efforts on my behalf.”

-Phil N.

 2/1/17- “Visiting an oral surgeon is stressful.  Thank you for putting me at ease and the pain free procedure.”

-Kathleen R.

01/24/17- “I appreciated the competent, efficient  and friendly service of all staff.”

-Linda P.

01/23/17- “I must say my visit was a very pleasant experience.  One I did not expect at all.”

-Paula K.

01/11/17 – “The best thing I like is your ability to understand my anxiety and how you do everything you can to get me through it, and you are all professional.”

-Laurel U.

01/20/17 – Dr. Bouchoucha and staff are both professional, knowledgeable, warm and caring.”

-Sarah G.

01/11/17 – “I’m totally amazed of the efficiency and professionalism this office has.  Dr. Slim and his staff , number one!”

-Roger S.

12/27/16 – ” It was virtually painless for Andy and that was the most important thing for our family-due to his dementia.  Your whole staff was wonderful.  Thank you.  “

12/27/16 – ” Thank you guys so much for accommodating me with such short notice! I already feel exponentially better and I honestly had another amazing experience with you guys.  Amazingly friendly staff and Dr. Bouchoucha is the greatest! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

12/16/16 – ” Highly recommend, and very satisfied with the whole experience.”
-Larry W.

12/14/16 – ” Good experience.  Would refer other people to you.”
-Carolyn A.

12/02/16 – ” Very helpful with helping figure out financial situation.  Thank you”
-Mark H.

11/16/16 – “A very good experience.  Very pleasant staff.”
-Connie H.

11/28/16 – “A good office and very professional extraction by Dr. Slim.”

11/22/16 – “Thank you for the treatment.”
-Marcus B.

11/15/16 – “This is my fourth child receiving care from Dr. Bouchoucha and every time has been an excellent experience- both with quality of care and service!”
-Denise H.

10/12/16 – “All good!”
-Daniel F.

10/12/16 – “I really had a great experience.  The Doctor and staff were very attentive. Dr. Bouchoucha called me personally to check and see how I was doing.  Very very satisfied.”
-Linda C.

10/4/16 – “I am very happy with my treatment.  Did not have any problems after the surgery”

10/14/16 – “Thank you Dr. Slim for the evening call and advice.  It was much appreciated and comforting.  FYI: you are an IV wizard! “
-Rita J.

10/12/16 – “I have already told several people including my dentist how pleasant and professional all of you are.  Thank you so much. You would be surprised how rude some other facilities have treated my husband who has alzheimers. “

10/07/16 – “Very Pleased with your treatment.  Thank you. “
-Daniel M.

9/30/16 – “Reasonable prices. Little to no wait. Nice folks. Successful surgery. “

8/05/16 – “Everything was great! Thank you! “

8/02/16 – “I felt immediately at ease, from the first visit, to the day of procedure.  Upscale appearance, detail oriented explanations, including media, very thoughtful staff! Thank you.  I am healing nicely and will see you for my scheduled follow-up visit. “
-Pamela R.

7/22/16 – “Dr. Bouchoucha is world class!  No question about it.  His staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and kind.  Our experience was a good one.  Thank you, to the entire staff. “
-Tina S.

7/19/16 – “Doctor and staff were extremely helpful and wonderful about answering our many post-op questions.”

7/6/16 – “Very quick procedure.  James loved the free smoothie after his surgery.  Great idea.”
-Angela A.

7/8/16 – “My daughter had all four wisdom teeth out.  Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff were wonderful and she had a terrific experience.  She had a smooth recovery and we were given all of the information and tools to take care of her well, and to control any pain.  Thank you!”

7/6/16 – “I was made to feel comfortable, and I was. It was a very pleasant experience.  I was very pleased!!”

7/6/16 – “I feel very secure, safe and well taken care of in this office.  Thank you.”
-Elizabeth R.

6/21/16 – “Very professional and enjoyable experience. Thank you.”
-Eugene B.

6/17/16 – “Being a person who has suffered with anxiety, I was very nervous about the procedure.  But Dr. Slim and staff made it an easy experience and comfortable.  You are all wonderful and I appreciate your care and concern.  Thank you very much.”
-Michelle B.

6/1/16 – “Dr Bouchoucha provides excellent, gentle oral surgery.  He and his staff provide the highest standard of patient care.”
-Robin T.

6/15/16 – “Great staff and Dr. Bouchoucha was great as well.”
-Brooke P.

6/1/16 – “I felt very well taken care of from my initial visit through the final procedure.”
-Doug C.

5/17/16 – “Dr. Slim definitely gave me my money’s worth with the tooth extraction. For something so intrusive there is little pain and I am recovering well. Thank you!”
-Jacob H.

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