Patient Testimonials:

8/11/21 – In many years of being a patient of Dr. Bouchoucha and his assistants, I am always informed of any procedures to be done and what it entails. Everyone is so friendly and makes things as comfortable as possible. I very much trust and rely on them all.
Debbie L.

8/9/21 – The best Oral Surgery experience I have ever had. Dr. Slim and his assistants were so personable, had a sense of humor and very kind. Highly recommend.”
Jeanine S.

8/9/21 – You all did a great job but I hope I don’t have to see you for a long time. Lol.”
Patricia M.

7/14/21 – Thank you so much for everything. You guys were so helpful even for mom.”

7/14/21 – Everyone on your staff was fantastic, I especially appreciated the thorough written instructions.”
Judith G.

7/1/21 – My visits have always been a pleasure.”
Scott F.

7/1/21 – Special thanks to Timi for speaking on my behalf. Everyone was excellent, from the office staff to surgery team, as exemplified by Slim who treats “the whole patient” with dignity, respect and unmatched surgical skill.”

6/24/21 – The last of 4 children going through wisdom teeth removal. ALL went well, smooth process and pleasant/knowledgeable staff. Thank you!”
Paige G.

6/24/21 – Surgery was painless and when the anesthetic wore off I had very little pain and the next day, NO pain. A very satisfied customer.”
William V.

6/16/21 – All the staff were very caring. The young man who assisted Dr. Bouchoucha was very nice. He did a good job helping me feel comfortable.”
Susan N.

6/16/21 – The whole staff was very helpful and extremely friendly. The Dr. and Nurses were very caring, making sure you were comfortable. The Dr. was amazing, I didn’t feel a thing. I also like that he calls you that evening to check on you. “
Tanya H.

6/2/21 – Coming in for implants was embarrassing and uncomfortable. Everyone made this much more bearable. The entire staff is professional and kind. Thank you all so much.”
Colleen S.

6/2/21 – Everyone was so nice. I felt very comfortable.”
Robin B.

6/2/21 – The gal who stayed with me at the end and discharged me deserves a hug! Thanks!”
Kim D.

6/2/21 – Very pleasant staff. Professional and understanding.”
Ernie M.

5/6/21 – I just opened the sweet card. How kind! I have already recommended you office/staff for all dental-surgical needs. I felt very safe, respected and I am healing well! Thanks Robert, Marisa, Holly, Sabrina, Marlina, Michele and Dr. Bouchoucha. “
Shelley G.

5/6/21 – Everyone was very nice!”
Cara S.

5/6/21 – Everyone is very understanding and nice.”
Mary Ann S.

5/6/21 – Treatment plan straight-forward, written and verbal. Pre and post procedures detailed. Follow-up at one week went well.”
B. Adams.

5/6/21 – Very timely. Did outstanding getting me in as soon as possible to get the procedure done before fire season started. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.”
Timothy H.

5/6/21 – Outstanding Care!”
Delwyn W.

5/6/21 – I feel the procedure was excellent. The only words I can describe is excellent and the staff was very confident. Thank you.”
John C.

5/6/21 – Really appreciated dental assistant Robert’s concern and treatment of me as a patient.”
Bob B.

3/30/21 – I was super impressed by the care and professionalism of Dr. Bouchoucha. I’d highly recommend him and his staff.”
Martin H.

3/30/21 – If I need a third tooth pulled, I will be back! Thanks.”
Patricia O.

3/4/21 – Dr. Slim and faculty are amazing.”
Phyllis R.

3/3/21 – No pain at all. I did not know we had started and the oral surgeon said, “Cas that is it. It’s over.” Wow! “
Cas M.

2/17/21 – Slim makes it painless and communicates everything he is doing. Thanks to Slim and all of his staff.”
Louis C.

2/17/21 – The medical staff is obviously highly trained, professional, informative and pleasant.”

1/06/21 – Great experience overall. Everyone is so nice. A former patient, upon hearing me worry about my teeth at an exercise group, told me how good her experience was. This put me at ease.”

1/06/21 – I was very pleased with my sons surgery. Everyone was so competent and very professional. Dr. Bouchoucha is a wonderful surgeon and has wonderful bedside manner. Thank you!”
Jennifer J.

1/06/21 – Dr. Bouchoucha you are an amazing doctor, Thank you!! Your staff Holly, Michele and Sabrina are so kind and helpful. Robert, Marlina and Marisa are very comforting and kind during surgery. Thank you Everyone!!”
Teri A.

1/06/21 – Sabrina was so compassionate and caring from my first meeting outside the door because of the Covid restrictions. Everyone was wonderful!! God Bless you all!!”
Willie R.

1/06/21 – Your staff and professionalism was really great. You answered multiple questions over the phone multiple times. I so appreciate the care and time you gave to my mom. “

1/06/21 – I recommend Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff for all Oral Surgery needs and implants. I had reconstructive surgery with an implant. The outcome was amazing. Everyone waas very caring of my needs. The surgery its self had minimal pain afterwards. “
Patty G.

1/06/21 – You all made a scary situation peaceful. Your welcoming and friendliness put my anxiety in check. Great Dr. good results. Thank you.”
Bonnie D.

11/19/20 – Great office team-friendly. Great painless treatment. Great Dr. Slim and very satisfied!”
Barry M.

11/19/20 – Very friendly and highly professional.”
David L.

11/18/20 – If you have a tooth, (or wisdom teeth in my son’s case) to be pulled, this is your place. From beginning to end and from front office staff to Dr. and everyone in between, Sonora Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is top notch! Thank you Dr. Bouchoucha and staff.”
Colleen L.

11/18/20 – The staff was very good at keeping me calm and distracted, which honestly really helped me. It felt like the procedure only took 5 minutes! Thank you!”
Lyndsey H.

11/04/20 – I felt very comfortable the whole time. I am well on my way to healing due to the intensive care from your office! Thank you!.”
Dillon H.

11/04/20 – Outstanding experience. Everyone was great. The surgical team was amazing. Thank you so much. The doctors call the evening after surgery was a very nice touch. “
Sharon J.

11/04/20 – The dental work I received was very professional and I felt very comfortable. Office staff was very accommodating!”
Karen W.

11/04/20 – I like the way Dr. B calls to check up on the patients the evening after surgery. The admin and tech staff is excellent and friendly. “
Jodi G.

11/04/20 – Good job and I didn’t even need the pain meds. I spent Friday PM relaxing in the sun with a cocktail. “
John H.

10/31/20 – Dear Dr. Bouchoucha, I wanted to thank you for making my experience with you and your office so pleasant. I had dental and gum problems for most of my adult life. Over the years I had several different treatments that addressed specific issues but eventually the problems became significant enough that they affected the alignment of my teeth as well as my overall health. At this point I began looking for a more dynamic solution. I was referred to your office to discuss the options around dental surgery and dentures. After detailed consultations and reviewing all the options I made the choice to have permanent dentures anchored by implants, sometimes known as “teeth in a day”. My husband had concerns around the actual surgery but it went very smoothly with minimal discomfort. I followed the instructions provided and my recovery went very well. I had several follow up appointments to monitor my progress and we confirmed that the outcome was successful. I have now had my appliances for 2 years and couldn’t be happier. They have given me the confidence in my smile back. Thank you and your office staff so much for making this a very rewarding decision.”

10/22/20 – Your team was awesome. Thank You Dr. Slim.”
Bradley J.

10/22/20 – Overall outstanding service! All options concerning my care were discussed with me and there was absolutely no pressure to make immediate decisions. All staff provided great support and care and Dr. B’s services and results were top notch. I would refer without hesitation. “
Dania S.

10/22/20 – I was well taken care of by the entire team! Kind, caring and informed; from the first call to the follow up. Thank you! “
Kurt E.

10/22/20 – We had a great experience. The entire staff was patient and kind throughout the whole experience. Thank You.”
Nicole R.

10/22/20 – Excellent treatment by everyone. The extraction of my tooth was over before I knew he started. After care was excellent also. Dr. Slim called that night to check on me. “
Ruthell M.

9/30/20 – Having oral surgery can be a worrisome experience-especially for a child. Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff put my daughter’s tears aside with their kind and calm approach. I also appreciated the clearly communicated pre and post-op instructions. Thank you!!”
Alyssa S.

9/30/20 – It took a little long to get an appointment, otherwise the doctor and staff were thorough, professional and friendly. All the guidelines for COVID-19 were followed.”

9/30/20 – It was a great overall experience! Thank you! “
Sheri N.

9/30/20 – If I could rate you guys higher I would, I felt very safe, calm, educated and taken care of!”
Natalie C.

9/30/20 – Dr. Bouchoucha is thorough, honest and very much wants to do as much as possible to have an outcome that is functional and pleasing. Every staff member is fantastic!! “
Kathy C.

9/02/20 – Very accommodating office and doctor, took great care of me and my procedure went without a hitch. “
Cicely C.

9/02/20 – I was so worried. I did not need to be. No pain. Great office and a wonderful doctor and nurse. “
Cynthia K.

9/02/20 – Thank you all for fitting me in your busy schedule. Thank you all for taking such good care of Brenda. You are all awesome. “
John R.

8/19/20 – Dr. Bouchoucha was excellent and made me very comfortable and relaxed. Robert is awesome and very comforting. Marlina was great, as well as Sabrina and Michelle. Thank you all. Great experience. “
Teri A.

8/19/20 – Again, you have a GREAT STAFF! Everything went smoothly. Recovery, I just kept reading your instructions over and realized this is okay to feel this way! I was surprised for the gift card to Day-O! I had a great smoothie, icy cold in Avery. Thank you, Laura.”
Laura B.

8/05/20 – Overall wonderful experience all office workers are lovely and very helpful. Came in terrified never having surgery, now with this experience it erases all my worries.”
Erika R.

7/31/20 – Thank you- Great People-Professional, friendly, and great results!”
Bob N.

7/31/20 – I felt very comfortable. 10/10 Would recommend”
Madison P.

7/22/20 – While a tooth extraction is never really a pleasant experience, Dr. Slim and his staff made it as easy, safe, and fun as possible.”
Mickey w.

7/10/20 – Thank you for taking such great care of my boy!”
Andrea F.

7/8/20 – Great Office-Great Service-Friendly-& Excellent Work!”
Barry M.

7/10/20 – Everyone in your office is so caring and friendly! I never have any worries about my care which is excellent! Thank you all so much!!”
Debra W.

7/7/20 – Very professional”
Robert G.

7/1/20 – Very satisfied with my wisdom teeth removal”
Keith M.

6/24/20 – Exceptional cleanliness and sanitizing. Wiping down surface-wearing masks and gloves. 100% compliance with Covid -19 recommendations. Thank you.”

6/23/20 – Everything was great.”
George V.

6/12/20 – Thank you so much for the attentive care and the kindness of your entire team. I really appreciate the kind, caring manner you and your team always display in not so fun situations!”
Denise P.

6/10/20 – Thank you so much for making my son’s wisdom teeth procedure go flawlessly, and for calling our home later that evening to check on his progress. Much appreciated!”

5/2920 – Staff is professional and cheerful. Doctor is thorough, kind and willing to answer all questions. I felt very well treated. Thank you!”
David L.

5/29/20 – It is never pleasant to have oral surgery, but this staff made me feel real at ease and were very professional and compassionate. Robert is a real jewel. All the staff are very helpful and caring. Thank you for taking such good care of me!”
Carlotta K.

3/31/20 – I can only give Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff the highest rating. The office staff is very nice and professional. The doctor himself called me at home that night to see how I was doing and to call if I needed anything.”
Terry C.

3/31/20 – Great staff- very informative at initial office visit about planned procedure. We felt very well cared for. Procedure and after care went so well. Have recommended you to family and friends. Thank you!”
Rebecca J.

3/23/20 – Great doctor, Great staff.”
Susan P.

3/17/20 – Lovely people here”
Elaine B.

3/12/20 – I’m a long time patient of Dr. Bouchoucha’s. I’ve had procedures from extractions to implants. All my experiences with Dr. Bouchoucha and his staff have been successful and comfortable not to mention very kind and concerned!”
Debbie L.

3/12/20 – Dr. Bouchoucha and all of his staff are incredibly comforting and welcoming. They put my nervous 10 year old son at ease and when we left the office after meeting the doctor for the first time my son said “I like that doctor”. Thank you Dr. Bouchoucha for taking a scary circumstance and turning it into the best possible case scenario”
Sarah B.

3/6/20 – I always end up laughing with your whole team. They are so positive and upbeat that I forget my worries”

2/25/20 – Was very impressed and comfortable with everything. Thank you.”
Alice S..

2/21/20 – Thank you all for your friendliness and professionalism”
Debra W.

2/4/20 – Everyone was wonderful”
Stephen C.

2/4/20 – Robert the assistant (chairside) was excellent, very personal and made you feel comfortable with your procedure.”
Barbara E.

1/29/20 – Michele was fantastic in relaying my need for pain control and getting medications ordered in a timely manner to my pharmacy. Holly was professional in explaining the waiting and seeing I was comfortable with the time.”

1/29/20 – Thank you for your kindness and painless surgery,  Dr. Slim, Robert and office staff, also Holly. I am having a speedy recovery. “

1/29/20 – I have been treated like royalty. Dr. Slim has magical hands. Staff is friendly, polite and professional, in particular the surgical team. We are so fortunate to have a Dr. and staff this talented in Sonora.”

1/23/20 – The doctor and Robert are a great team. They explained the procedure and it was very comforting to me as the patient.”
Mary Ann S.

1/30/20 – Thank you for your excellent care.”
Rodger O.

1/23/20 – The staff was so nice and performed excellent customer service. The doctor was very nice and explained everything in great detail. Answered all my questions.”
Haley J.

1/21/20 – Great personnel, wonderful staff, doctor is really generous. Wants to do everything correctly.

1/10/20 – The staff was very helpful through it all. It made a 4-tooth extraction easy to deal with.”
Ivan G.

1/8/20 – Sonora is fortunate to have Dr. Bouchoucha and his team of courteous professionals.”
Fritz P.

1/8/20 – The whole procedure from the extraction of my molar to the building up of the new pedestal and tooth has been a positive experience. No pain, very pleasant Dr. and staff. I want all my friends to go there. Thanks!”
Wendell B.

1/8/20 – I appreciated the staff’s care in putting me at ease (no one looks forward to dental surgery). I also appreciated the detailed explanations of the procedure and aftermath. I don’t know if I’m just lucky, but I escaped relatively pain free. All credit given to Dr. Slim and his skilled assistants. Thanks for tea bag tip Dr. Slim!”
Ann S.

1/7/20 – I have low tolerance pain level and with Slim Bouchoucha DDS and staff I managed to sail through the procedure!”
Darla W.

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